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My name is Cecil Masterson from Enniscorthy in Co. Wexford and our farm was affected by the M11 Gorey to Enniscorthy Road Scheme.  Our affected lands are located on the outskirts of Enniscorthy town where we farm a mixture of beef, sheep and tillage.
When the preferred route was announced it showed our farm was split in two and was ruining our block of land.  We contacted a relation of ours who was very badly affected by a motorway in Kildare and he assured us he had the right people for the job and forwarded us contact details for Dick and Denis Collins.  From this point onwards the F.B.A Consultant team guided us through the process right to the very end.
Access was always going to be an issue for us as our lands were divided by the road.  F.B.A ensured that our concerns were met from the beginning and quickly negotiated a full size underpass for us with the County Council.
They always appeared to be one step ahead and could identify problems we didn’t envisage.  Their knowledge and experience was evident from the very start and their attention to detail was second to none.
F.BA. held a general meeting in the area at an early stage and the majority of the landowners in the area hired them to act for them as it was clear to everyone, they knew their job.
We had been approached by other valuers claiming to be experienced in this field and looking for us to sign up with them but having done some research on other schemes and having spoken to farmers who had gone though the process there was only one firm to go with.
Our case was not the easiest to deal with for a host of reasons but F.B.A. identified the issues and dealt with them all one by one and the results speak for themselves.  They were always at the end of the phone, day or night, even during the construction stage to deal with any issues.
Nobody wants a motorway to go through their land but without a shadow of a doubt, if it does happen to be you then you need F.B.A Consultants to fight your case.  I would definitely recommend F.B.A Consultants for the quality service they provide.


New Ross

My name is Johann Hoff and we are based in New Ross, Co. Wexford and our farm was severely affected by the New Ross Bypass. We are milking c.200 cows on a residential land block of c.240 acres.  When we realised we were affected by the preferred route corridor our entire business was put at risk and we feared for our future in dairying.  We had grave concerns about being able to continue to operate our enterprise due to the area of land being taken for the road and the splitting of our farm.  We had made significant investment on the farm in the years leading up to the announcement of the new road and we felt this could have been all for nothing.
We contacted F.B.A Consultants at an early stage on foot of a recommendation we received from a group of affected landowners on another scheme up the country.  We made our own enquiries and it became clear that F.B.A Consultants were the specialist company dealing with property owners and farmers affected by Compulsory Purchases.  The name Collins kept reappearing the more enquiries we made and more research we carried out.
From the initial meeting we had with them it became clear they knew their job and they took control of the whole process from the beginning and greatly reduced the stress on us.  They were highly effective and very easy to deal with and set out the process for us.
At the design stage, F.B.A. Consultants identified the best access solutions and mitigation measures for our situation and addressed our concerns with the County Council officials.  They prepared a robust objection on our behalf when the C.P.O. was published and prepared a strong case for us at the Oral Hearing.  Before any money was discussed, we had secured and agreed a list of accommodation works the County Council would carry out to reduce the impact on our farm.  This alone was a huge relied to us and F.B.A. made sure we were part of the process from the beginning.
Our case was always going to be complex due to the impact on our dairy farm.  We needed someone with lots of experience in the field in case our claim had to go to arbitration. Having discussed our situation with affected farmers on other schemes we were left with no doubt that Dick and Denis Collins and their team in F.B.A. Consultants were the Valuers for our case.  I would strongly recommend them to anyone affected by a C.P.O. as they were a pleasure to deal with and got us the results we wanted.

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